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#teanie beanie w5-8 premature baby hats tiny hat 5-8lb white TEANIE BEANIE

premature baby hats tiny hat 5-8lb white TEANIE BEANIE
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premature baby hats tiny hat 5-8lb colour white TEANIE BEANIE 

premature baby hats knitted wool for a so soft finish sold here. keeping your baby warm and cosy when travelling outside. nice and snuggly soft baby wool made from acrylic yarns. A tiny hat in white to match every one of your child's outfits perfectly. wash at a maximum of 40's degrees dry flat for best results.

Hand made in the UK by Titch. providing tiny baby sizes knitted and crochet accessories. Slip on hat beanie style. top quality knit we rate this item 9/10 for comfort and 10/10 for a smooth and neatly finished product. click the order button just on this page to order this in white

do tiny babies have a flat head syndrome?

a good question to ask for a parent who have just had a premature baby . When a baby is born very premature their skin is often very tender to the touch . often nurses will use a positional support for your baby when in an incubator. Next they will turn baby every so often to mimic natural movement in the womb. Which in turns offers the baby comfort, stability and can settle easier than just being put down flat.

Once a baby is home to prevent flat head syndrome (or also known as Plagiocephaly )once they have head support you can use a variety of mediums to help prevent it. such as put baby on a baby play mat, on their front (also known as tummy time) and on their back.

Position them sitting up in a baby bouncer seat. throughout the day if you leave baby to sleep in a baby bouncer all day that's how flat heads can happen. being kept in the same position on a flat surface for most of the day. It isn't good for a baby developmentally wise too.

Often babies will have to wear an helmet to reshape the head position so it's something you want to prevent if you can . babies likely effected are in a multiple birth pregnancy. where each baby has limited amount of space growing in the womb and one or more baby have an irregular shaped head due to a lack of room. this can be rectified later on as a baby with one of these baby helmets and physiotherapy.

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