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#bibble b5-8 boys premature baby hats 5-8lb bibble bobble blue

boys premature baby hats 5-8lb bibble bobble blue
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boys premature baby hats size 5-8lb BIBBLE BOBBLE in blue

boys premature baby hats for Autumn and Winter in stock here. The premature size of this listing is 5-8lb. Low birth weight. made from soft and cosy acrylic baby wool. A couple of the benefits of buying this hat is its easy washable. The fibres are durable and its much cheaper to work with than using pure wool that can be quite itchy on the skin. Hand crafters all over the uk work hard to create a cute clothes for tiny babies. with this particular hat for your baby that's warm enough to wear for colder days out and about. tap the buy it now button just below to choose this size

3 tips for keeping your premature baby warm in Winter without overheating.

once your premature baby is finally home from the hospital it can be quite nervous for a first time mum. Worrying is another stress that you can do with out isn't it ? So no need to worry about how to keep your baby warm enough .

here are our top 5 tips to assist you. TIP 1 make sure you don't over heat baby by making them sweat, do not dress your baby in one extremely thick layer. its much safer to add a few thin layers to keep them warm. TIP 2 Do not use a quilt for a baby use cotton sheets and blankets for a crib and a cot. You can always add more if you think their room is cold when you walk in. TIP 3 Putting a thermometer in the room baby sleeps in is a a great idea. that way you can see at a glance how hot the room is.

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