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#soaring above 3-5 premature baby hats 3-5lb size SOARING ABOVE

premature baby hats 3-5lb size SOARING ABOVE
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premature baby hats 3-5lb size SOARING ABOVE in blue

premature baby hats little boys print. soaring above airplanes on a soothing light blue background. beautiful set comprising of a tie knot hat and stay put scratch mittens. perfect for nicu use and home. these help to deter fingers from pulling out any wires from babies nose. premature babies love to fidget and wriggle. and get annoyed with tubes up their nose. brightly colored clothes for your baby's first wardrobe. Soft and gentle fabric too perfect for tender skin. your baby will feel the benefit from wearing comfortable clothing. Handmade by Nanny Nicu TM. providing colourful premature baby wear since 2007.

These scratch mittens are slender fittings compared to a newborn pair so do not fall off as easily. You will instantly recognise which is your baby as you enter the nicu / scbu wearing his very own distinctive hat and mittens. buy a set today in this limited edition print. tap the buy it now button on this page to add a set to your shopping cart.

premature baby wear in tiny sizes

Heaven and Hope provide the very smallest premature baby wear. So your baby can not only wear the latest fashions but in tiny sizes. but fabrics and prints that are not available for premature babies anywhere else. Supermarkets may stock a line for a tiny baby but shopping here you have the biggest collection in the uk. So much delicious choices to pick from. The Widest range for premature infants and the smallest ever real baby clothes too. No need to buy scratchy dolls clothes just for the fit as this superstore online as every item of clothing for tiny babies. And its all under one roof. Saving you precious time hunting around your local shops but to no avail. so don't delay order today for the most fantastic range of boys premature baby wear around.

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