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#dress t love 3-8 tiny baby dress sizes 3-5lb or 5-8lb TRUE LOVE

tiny baby dress sizes 3-5lb or 5-8lb TRUE LOVE
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tiny baby dress sizes 3-5lb or 5-8lb TRUE LOVE

tiny baby dress smallest so sweet for premature babies sold here. this listing is for a two piece tiny baby dress set. truelove hearts print all over with a cardigan incorporated into the design. Really lovely cute and girly girly in pink . Comes with a matching knotted hat. She will look ever so adorable wearing her own clothing. pretty baby dress for coming home use. made from stretchy polyester and cotton so its a nice stretch. pink buttons at the back for ease of dressing. made from so soft fabric worn next to her tender skin. choose size of 3-5lb or 5-8lb. low birth weight. click the buy it now button just below to order this set.

what temperature should a tiny baby's room be ?

when it comes to temperature for babies is being hot is major health risk. Its much safer to have thin layers clothing that can be removed one at a time, especially if baby feels too hot. more so the room that baby sleeps in should be 16-20 degrees. ANY hotter is way too hot. So in extreme heat how can you cool a baby's room down? a combined fan and light fitting from the ceiling. a stand up fan. adding a bold of water in front of the fan cools the air down. keep windows open use thin curtains if there's a draft you may be worried about.
do not use a thick quilt. sheets are better for hot weather and in winter add a few blankets to the crib rather than one extra thick one. a premature baby can sleep in just a nappy in very hot weather and in winter a minimum of these clothes worn for sleeping in ... a vest nappy baby grow/sleepsuit, cardigan and hat, Plus bedding.

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