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#lit dancers 3-5 premature baby dress three piece size 3-5lb LITTLE DANCERS

premature baby dress three piece size 3-5lb LITTLE DANCERS
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premature baby dress set three piece size 3-5lb LITTLE DANCERS

premature baby dress designer set 3 piece in 3-5lb size. colourful cute and ever so cosy dress for your baby girl to own. Created from design to that of premature babies slimmer bodyweight. Pattern created for practical use in an incubator or dressing for home use. Fabric chosen for softness breathability and for beautiful styles. made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a good stretch.

Handmade in the uk By Nanny Nicu TM. This dress set includes dress, cosy headband to match, plus accompanied with the tiniest of socks. you'll be so thrilled when you receive this in the post and will be eager to take photographs of her wearing her own clothes. click the buy it now button on this page to choose this one.

what happens on a daily basis for babies on the neonatal ward.

premature babies stay in the neonatal unit until ready to go home. After delivery the nurses will inform the family what is happening as baby may be rushed away quickly. Its so they can settle them in an incubator to help with any breathing issues. a designated nurse will be the one looking after your baby but on shift change other nurses will take over the care. depending what care needs your baby has will effect the routine. if baby has no breathing issues and is getting ready to learn how to feed you can be involved with their routine.

If you cant be on the unit you can still ring at anytime to see how your baby is doing. if your baby's care needs change it will be all written down and discussed with other consultants. you can be there at these meetings to discuss what's going on. You can also leave a written note to tell the nurses any messages throughout their stay. especially useful if you also have nip home for your other children..

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