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#pure royalty white baby clothes funeral tiny sizes 3-5lb 5-8lb PURE ROYALTY

white baby clothes funeral tiny sizes 3-5lb 5-8lb PURE ROYALTY

white baby clothes symbolizing innocence and purity. dressing your baby for the funeral feeling settled at peace. This is for a premature baby cardigan in crisp white shade.100% acrylic baby wool. neat knitted pattern with royalty motif on i the front. sheer elegance nice and soft to the touch too. lovely made. we also stock gowns dresses sleepsuits hats socks in white for premature baby bereavement wear. click the buy it now button just below to pick this cardigan.

white themed baby funeral ideas

planning a funeral isn't something you should have to do especially for a baby. so to take some of the stress of the family we have put together various funeral themes that are baby appropriate. feel free to use any from our website in your plans. To make the day a loving tribute to their memory. white funeral theme. contact a butterfly release service to see if they have cabbage white butterflies. You release them at the graveside or garden of remembrance. have white balloons decorate the church or funeral ceremony. building. have a white teddybear themed cake to cute a slice for each of the guests. Children could have white chocolate buttons given out to them as a gift from baby. If baby had older siblings don't be afraid to include them. They could each do a drawing and put it in the coffin to say goodbyes.
A poem to include in the service could be something like this.

Clouds so white in the sky,

watching them drift and slowly pass by.

Thinking of you as we say our goodbyes.

Loving you always , forever in our lives.    written by Heaven and Hope



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