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#toot sweet 3-5 tiny baby dresses TOOT SWEET in 3-5lb

tiny baby dresses TOOT SWEET in 3-5lb
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tiny baby dresses TOOT SWEET in 3-5lb

tiny baby dresses uk located . gorgeous styles lots to pick from . Here we have a three piece complete outfit for your baby girl to own. Ideal for incubator wear or a going home outfit. stunning sweet little birdies dress headband finished off with a tiny pair pink socks. Created just for premature babies. Designed from sketch to finished product. Next its made from soft fabric worn next to tender skin. minimalistic seams. No metal poppers so can be left on during xrays. Small slender fittings so it wont be overpowering in size. fabric is 95%cotton 5% spandex. Handmade By our new collection by Laura Penny. Nothing boring here in dull colours its full of fun and excitement. You will know instantly which is your baby girl when she's wearing her very first clothes that fit her. wrap over style dress fastens at the front. Click the buy it now button on this page to pick this pattern.

5 tips in hospital with your premature baby
1.once you can do baby's care needs help the nurses so you can be more hands on. It will help you bond with your baby daughter and take some of the pressures of the nurses. They will show you what to do It may be daunting at first, you feel you will hurt her because she's so tiny. In fact there's nothing to be scared about she's just smaller and slim than a filled out newborn infant. 2. Chat to other mums and dads in the nicu it will relieve some of the stress associated with a premature birth experience. Plus you may become life long buddies afterwards.3. Start a journal every day. you can notice how she's coming on in leaps and bounds. plus putting your feelings down on paper is good emotionally for you on the rough days. 4. When you are discharged your baby may not be allowed home at the same time. This can put a huge strain on you physically going back and forth to the hospital. Look after yourself including having a rest, sleep, food, drinking, taking a bath or shower .5. when she can wear her own clothes take her washing home to do. it will help you feel like you are doing something for her as her parent. Even choosing her different clothes to wear every day is being involved more in looking after her.

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