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#romper smock cotton premature baby wear 3-5lb nanas gift smocked romper blue,pink

cotton premature baby wear 3-5lb nanas gift smocked romper blue,pink
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cotton premature baby wear 3-5lb nanas gift smocked romper blue,pink

cutest cotton premature baby clothes in size 3-5lb new design by designer dandelion. popular premature clothes with families time and over again. A new style romper suit they have just created is top of the range in a designer gift for your premature baby grandchild. nanas gift is a luxury style smocked romper available in low birthweight 3-5lb.

quick as a flash nappy changing buttons at the bum area. easy dressing at the back with poppers too. Choose it in colour pink with flowers on a gingham background or blue gingham with little fishes. scrummy soft light stretch 100% cotton material. .kind to skin. Gentle smocked embroidered front. Fit for a prince or princess just like royal babies wear. It comes in the 2 colours. made in Portugal. Spanish influenced smock. Peter pan collar very fetching. Feels warm as toast for a settled and most comfortable sleep too. choose colour then click the buy it now button on this page to order one now.

what's new for preterm babies smocked premature baby wear

smocked baby clothing and dresses usually start for babies from the age of 6-12 months. traditionally worn throughout the decades by the Royal families very own children. Royal babies toddler and youngsters alike until they reach the age of 7. They look so smart when children own this style of the past the fabrics used to be made from linen. And can be worn as far back as the Elizabethan times. Smocked stitches are gathered for an elegant decorative finish on the front of garments. Its time consuming to create such an effect yet the finished workmanship is very tasteful indeed. we are so happy to stock these new smocked baby clothes in the premature of sizes so early babies don't miss out too . Also available are smocked sleepsuits see the by birthweight 3-5lb department.

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