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#nifty w unisex prem baby cardigans white 3-5lb 5-8lb NIFTY KNITS

unisex prem baby cardigans white 3-5lb 5-8lb NIFTY KNITS
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unisex prem baby cardigans white 3-5lb 5-8lb NIFTY KNITS

unisex clothes for babies weighing 3-5lb or 5-8lb in weight. Choose one of these nifty knit prem baby cardigans in crisp white shade. white will match every one of your baby's outfits perfectly. adding a cardigan over a baby grow will ensure your baby is warm enough. for hospital or home use. machine knitted cardigan made from 100% acrylic baby wool. neat little pattern throughout .pick the size then click the order button just below to order one of these styles.

11 baby milestones in hospital to take a memorial photograph of your prem baby at

what baby milestones will a prem baby in hospital reach ? if they were born as a micro preemie before 30 weeks. Nicu milestones are a little different to developmental milestones .Its a huge step seeing a baby overcoming each hurdle. A hurdle crossed off is one step closer to going home. Here are some milestones you may want to photograph to include in their own memory box. Due to the fact a premature baby may have a lengthy hospital stay you can often buy nicu cards. Parents put them at the side of their baby and take a photograph. They usually post them on facebook in premature baby groups as a proud moment to share with the big wide world. here are 11 of them.1) coming off a ventilator to breathe. 2) coming off cpap with oxygen.3 ) coming off oxygen direct from the nasal passages. 4)having kangaroo care or first cuddles with you.5) wearing an outfit for the first time 6) coming out of the Nicu, 7) able to wear layers of clothing. 8) able to maintain own temperature. 9) first feed trials with a syringe. 10) able to feed without a gastric tube. 11)first breast feed or bottle feed. more useful information on early babies can be found on our cheekychumsonline homepage under articles

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