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#zoom moon tiny baby clothing bereavement boys ZOOM TO THE MOON micro sizes

tiny baby clothing bereavement boys ZOOM TO THE MOON micro sizes

tiny baby clothing smallest funeral wear for your little boy. zoom to the moon print fabric with cute little space ships exploring the heavens above. complete outfit comprising of a comfortable sleepsuit, mittens for snug hands and a knot hat to keep his head warm. sleeping at peace settled for the funeral service. hand made in the uk please allow 1 extra day for despatch these are hand made to order. By Something Precious TM. Next the sizes for this 3 piece set is born at 20 22 or 24 weeks pregnant. other size burial outfits can be found back on the tiny baby clothing page or click the order button on this page to order this style.

tiny baby boy funeral service idea non religious

if you opt for a hospital funeral service. This where other babies are buried or cremated together in the same plot area. The downside to this is you cannot put personal toys ornaments at the grave site afterwards. A private funeral can be organised by a funeral director. Funerals for babies are usually free except to upgrade or buy a burial plot for the first time. here are some ideas if you plan on doing it yourselves.

Some funeral homes have a little room to hold a private service. its more discreet as you could start from there and avoid praying eyes from next door neighbours. It may be awkward explaining to them that you lost a baby especially on the day you have to say goodbye to your baby. Transport theme put little toy cars around baby's coffin. a nursery rhyme could be read out the wheels on the bus ,or the poem aeroplanes , aeroplanes all in a row.

hot drinks could be served with cupcakes with cute little cars on for the wake service. an airplane themed helium filled balloon could be let off at the grave site attach a little letter sent to your son in heaven above for a final farewell.

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