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#lov dad boys 5-8 tiny babies clothes 5-8lb boys shades LOVING DADDY

tiny babies clothes 5-8lb boys shades LOVING DADDY
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tiny babies clothes 5-8lb boys shades LOVING DADDY

tiny babies clothes 5-8lb sleepsuit in blue or white with blue trims. this is for one cotton sleepsuit nice and soft to the touch. So your baby boys can have a settled sleep without wearing itchy fabrics worn next to skin. embroidered words on the front read I love my daddy. so sweet. cotton clothes are perfect for premature babies breathable fabric. 100% stretchy cotton first baby clothes. select the colour that's your favourite, next click the buy it now button just below to select this size in 5-8lb .

top tips for a happy tiny baby once he's home.

few mums were saying after being in the scbu once their baby came home they didn't sleep at night. One tip which works amazingly is record the hospital noises of the beeps and alarms etc on your phone before you leave. Also leaving a lamp on helps too .It may seem weird but in hospital its a bright setting and the babies are used to sleeping in light. adjusting to a dark room once they get home can upset their routine. if your baby son had a infections in hospital limit visitors to your house to keep infection risks at bay. Especially if your baby needed antibiotics in hospital. it means they could be susceptible to chest infections more easily compared to a newborn born full term. The first year is the hardest for premature babies, getting all types bugs that go round. the good thing is the support that you can have if you have any worries at all at home. neonatal nursing staff will let you ring the Nicu/scbu at any time day or night for additional advice for the first couple weeks.

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