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#lov dad white p 2-3 2-3lb tiny baby sleepsuit LOVING DADDY white pink trims

2-3lb tiny baby sleepsuit LOVING DADDY white pink trims

2-3lb tiny baby sleepsuit in white with pink trimming. made from 100% cosy cotton. cotton is an hyper-allergenic fabric kind worn next to tender bodies. really soft when you feel the quality. the wording on the front reads i love my mummy. its so cute. only in prem fittings of 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb. we rate the quality of this sleepsuit as a 8/10 for thickness its not to thick or too warm. click the buy it now button on this page to order this in white with the pink trim.

the benefits of settling an early baby in the Special care baby unit.

when you can hold your early baby for longer periods of time. Holding your baby on your chest is perfect, preferable is skin to skin. not only will baby's heart rate settle. they will feel comforted. Next they will know its you from your soothing voice and you wont feel as stressed . Called kangaroo care this type of cuddling baby close and personal as even more benefits to you both and perfect for dad as well. Your baby's breathing stabilises being held next to you. It uses less calories for baby so they wont do too much hard work. it allows you both to bond as well which is vital in a baby's all round development and a parents mental well being. covering with a blanket keeps baby warm and gives you dignity for revealing bare skin.

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