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#lov dad 3-5 p premature baby grows cotton LOVING DADDY Pink 3-5lb

premature baby grows cotton LOVING DADDY Pink 3-5lb

premature baby grows made from soft cotton. measures 35cm shoulder to heal. This is so cute it reads i love my daddy on the front. This is for one premature baby grow in Pink lowbirth in 3-5lb. cotton can be washed over and over again without loosing its quality. comfortable to sleep in when a newborn spends a lot of hours lying down. click the buy it now button just below to order this in pink

When a premature baby can wear what's called "layers"

If the hospital as said your baby can now wear a baby grow but is still in an incubator its good sign. They will get baby used to maintaining their own temperature instead of the incubator providing all the warmth a baby needs. Once a baby can wear layers they go into a hot cot or scbu cot. They can then wear full clothes such as a vest baby grow cardigan and a warm blanket. Its good to be involved then with baby's dressing care needs yourself. you'll feel better as you make more mummy decisions. Such as what colour your baby can wear today. things that mean so much when you cant get to take your baby home with you just yet.

Its often quite stressful being on the neonatal unit day after day. seeing other babies go home wanting it to be yours next. Listening to buzzers going off. sitting at the side of the incubator for long hours of the day. Here are three tips to help you feel a lot less stressed. Do get out and about and stretch your legs once you have been discharged from hospital. Have regular breaks get a drink in the hospital cafe or sit outside in the garden grounds. talk to other mums build up a support network because they too are going through the exact same thing with their own baby .plus make sure you don't neglect yourself . Make time to have a shower change your clothes grab some nourishing foods as you go back and forth to the hospital

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