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#aa 20w tiny baby clothes white ANIMAL ANTICS born at 20 weeks funeral wear

tiny baby clothes white ANIMAL ANTICS born at 20 weeks funeral wear

tiny baby clothes white full outfit here. Really beautiful and warm funeral wear in unisex fabric. white background with adorable little animals friends in the woods print. smallest ever garment fitting your baby born forever sleeping in peace at 20 weeks gestation. Admirable leggings elasticated at the waist for snug-fitting. White baby jumper with buttons at the back for ease of dressing baby. complete with a tweenie hat with ribbon bow also in white. White often associated as a symbol of pureness and innocence. Click the order button further down the page to select this set for the funeral service. Your baby will fully be dressed in their own clothing. It's something that you have picked yourself which is of great importance to you. handmade by Something Precious TM.

is it true my baby can have a funeral service born at 20 weeks?

Yes sadly when a baby dies at 20 weeks although they don't as yet get a death certificate (due to being classed at the hospital as a miscarriage ) you can decide which funeral or cremation ceremony to arrange. A hospital one, more of a communal service with other babies. Usually, all done at the same time and put in the same resting place at the end of the service. A different option is privately done with the assistance of a funeral director. or by yourselves for a more private affair. ( if you need any help organising one yourself we can give you ideas for this by sending us an email on our contact us page at the top of this website).

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