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#lit cutie 2-3lb white b 2-3lb early baby wear white blue babygrow LITTLE CUTIE

2-3lb early baby wear white blue babygrow LITTLE CUTIE
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2-3lb early baby wear white blue babygrow LITTLE CUTIE

2-3lb early baby wear white babygrow with blue trimmings. LITTLE CUTIE motif sewn on the front .its so precious. snuggy soft to wear too, gentle to the skin of tiny babies. In fact the words say 100%cute. know instantly which baby boy is yours when you enter the HDU or SCBU. As he will stand out looking so sweet in his own new clothes. feel good to be a part of his care no matter how small until he is at your house. you'll feel like that when its you that decides what he is going to wear for the day instead of wearing second hand hospital handouts. It will be a happy feeling for you now that he can wear clothing. You will feel more a part of his care needs too. As you help his nurse do the basic care needs This babygrow is 100% durable cotton fabric. gentle worn next to delicate skin. click the buy it now button just below to pick this size 2-3lb birthweight.

awesome feeling dressing your son for the first time in early baby clothes

When the nursing staff say you can start to dress your son that is one step closer to you feeling like a real mum. All your anxieties of just wanting to hold him will start to ease. just cuddling him will help you feel like a mum to him,just like you would do at home. Being only 2-3lb birth weight means. he wont be able to go home just yet until he matures just a bit more. Next his little body will change as the prematurity he had a birth will catch up to normal. In the womb at this stage he would have had some more growing to do in length. Next inner organs maturing. In fact its to a level where he could manage with out being in an incubator crib. He'll move onto a crib with no glass all the way round. Plus he'll soon start gaining weight as he grasps the sucking reflex, from use of a syringe hell progress to drink nourishing milk by breast or the bottle. The nursing staff will show you how to fill the syringe up at first to get him started. more details on premature babies under articles section on our homepage at cheekychumsonline

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