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#lit cutie w p 5-8 girls sleepsuits premature baby 5-8lb LITTLE CUTIE white pink

girls sleepsuits premature baby 5-8lb LITTLE CUTIE white pink

girls sleepsuits premature baby birth weight is 5-8lb. This sleepsuit is LITTLE CUTIE  range measuring 36.5cm shoulder to heal point.. made from stretchy 100% cotton fabric so its the softest cotton sleepsuit out. smooth yet comfy as babies sleep a lot when first born. getting ready for home wearing clothes you have ordered for her. one step closer leaving the maternity unit. beautiful in white with in pink trims. Along  with 100% cute embroidered on the front. As a premature baby wear specialist we also stock tiny baby vests cardigans and headbands to go with sleepsuits. You can always come back for coats and warm hats when she is ready for discharge. click the buy it now button just below to select this sleepsuit in 5-8lb size

picking cotton premature baby sleepsuits or polyester.

is a cotton premature baby grow any good comparing it with a polyester style? Yes cotton is hyper allergenic. It holds moisture in so if baby has a a milk spillage down the front the cotton sleepsuit has good absorbency. Cotton can be worn in all seasons. Cotton baby clothes are known for their durability so you can always resell on a local facebook group when she has outgrown them. polyester sleepsuits are of a thicker quality, they can cause too much sweating and too much heat isn't good for babies at all. yes polyester is warm to the touch, but a cranky baby can really get  upset due to being too hot. Thus distressed parents in the process 

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