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#legg2-3p intensive care unit clothes baby leggings 2-3lb pink

intensive care unit clothes baby leggings 2-3lb pink 

baby girl in intensive care unit. ready to  move into HDU and wearing layers. in short these mix and match outfits are a perfect first outfit for her. mix and match with any of the Effronte Amour range. leggings tops t shirts and hats.

Intensive care units can be so busy as the nurses rush back and forth to check cot alarms and monitors. Its less stressful in HDU as they are one step closer to coming home. this set matches the white t shirt with Velcro closures on the front and the pink tie hat. The last image just below shoes how these leggings goes with the t shirt and tie hats. which are each sold separately. click the order button just below to order this pair for tiny babies.

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