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#intensive care unit mits owl intensive care unit clothes for tiny babies OWL MITTENS by - Effronte Amour

intensive care unit clothes for tiny babies OWL MITTENS by- Effronte Amour

Intensive care unit clothes for tiny babies sold here. this is a gorgeous yet practical pair of scratch mittens. help to deter baby from moving any monitor leads away from the face . tiny babies just love to wriggle and squirm.  When your baby owns a pair of these it will also help them from scratching the face too. micro sizes made from !00% stretchy designer Effronte Amour. click the order button just below to pick this size 1.3-1.5kg (2-3lb)

intensive care unit staff monitor tiny babies 24 hours a day. you can ask to be involved in your babies care needs as soon as you feel confident. Parents often worry that because a baby is born so tiny they are frightened they will break them . The neonatal staff can help you and show you how to do the cot care needs whilst you sit by your baby's bedside. it will help you be more hands on and to help you bond with your baby.

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