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#intensive care unit fe leg Intensive care unit clothes tiny babies no feet leggings - by designer Effronte Amour

Intensive care unit clothes tiny babies feetless leggings by designer Effronte Amour LITTLE OWLS

Intensive care unit clothes so small and ever so cute. these little leggings have turquoise trims. mix and matches with the turquoise T shirt or blouse and scratch mittens too clothes for tiny babies in intensive care that's just started to wear clothes. handmade in the Uk by designer - effronte amour. cutest clothing tiny sizes a speciality.

When tiny babies are in intensive care unit they often have lots monitor leads attached to them. its to keep an eye on their oxygen levels, pulse rate etc. these tiny leggings are made from soft cotton that's kind to tender skin. and especial good if a pulse oximeter lead is attached at the ankle. no need to remove the trousers. feetless design ideal for hospital use. click the order button just below to pick this style.

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