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#NEONATAL ROMPERp3-5 Neonatal baby clothes girls 3-5lb romper ALL THE STRIPES pink white

Neonatal baby clothes girls 3-5lb romper ALL THE STRIPES in pink and white

neonatal baby clothes in pink and white stocked here.Hence tiny sizes for your baby girl born prem. multi directional fastenings especially for neonatal intensive care unit use. As a result she will have wires and leads attached to monitor her steps forward . therefore making it a lot easier to thread them through.

Plus looking ever so cute wearing her own clothes. because ordinarily hospital clothes are donated. so there's nothing worse that seeing a baby in a cardigan with the sleeves rolled back many times. Its because the clothes are just way too overpowering in size. or in a colour that you really hate.

in addition mention to the neonatal nurse that your baby daughter is wearing her own clothes. bring in her own laundry bag attaching it to the end of the neonatal cot . Besides you just pop her dirty clothes in ready to wash at home. As a result they won't get mixed up with hospital's own laundry. made from 100 % cotton. so it can be washed at hot temperatures. Vitaly important to keep any bugs at bay. Click the order button just below to pick this style romper

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