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#lit ted cask26w premature baby wooden casket for ashes LITTLE TED

premature baby wooden casket for ashes LITTLE TED
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premature baby wooden casket for ashes LITTLE TED by Forever Mine TM

very tiny for your premature babies ashes to be kept safely forever.  3 piece set with container for ashes snuggly bedding pack that fits inside the baby casket nice and snug.

if you decide to plan a private premature baby cremation service, this is a complete ashes cremation set for your little one. you can pass the little ashes container directly to the funeral director its got a label on for identification of your baby's own details.
In the meantime you can decide if you want an engraved plate on the top of the wooden casket part of this set. timpsonsonline offer this service.
once the crematorium or funeral director have told you can collect the ashes you then give them the wooden casket.this is made from sturdy wood to keep baby's ashes comfortably in after the cremation service. they will open the bottom and snuggly put the ashes container in which is surround by snuggly bedding filling. they will pass it you back with the minimum disturbance.
you can later decide to keep them with you forever in one place ideal if you ever move house or plant them in a large garden urn with miniature plants around planted, in a family grave plot or scattered at a later date. inside measurements are L x W x H 187/81/76mm.choose the teddy colour for the top with a GIRL BOY OR UNISEX TEDDY BEAR then click the order button just below to order this style in beech wood. cuddly teddies sold separately .


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