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#pink20cm p angel baby PINK 20cm bereavement pouch teddy motif

angel baby PINK 20cm bereavement pouch  teddy motif
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angel baby PINK 20cm bereavement pouch  teddy motif

same design as the white one in the photograph made in gentle baby pink fabric symbolizing Joy,Love and Innocence.

(due to popularity of this item lace may vary per order as stocks are replenished).

hand crafted baby bereavement pouch ,lovingly made in pink for baby girl .made for baby born asleep under 20cm too delicate to be dressed, a nurse can settle baby inside the specially adapted baby pouch (also known as a fetal demise pouch). Sides fold into the center and tie in the middle with a little bow,before taking any pictures for mummy or lies in this cotton comfortable, pouch and close family can spend some quality time with baby, feeling loved and precious before baby's goodnight in perfect peace.(Picture shows a reborn doll  to give you a brief idea how baby lies inside)...By Something Precious™

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