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#lit pet 12cm+ Something Precious tiny baby bereavement tiny baby burial LITTLE PETAL 12CM+

Something Precious tiny bereavement baby burial LITTLE PETAL 12CM


Something Precious™ little petal comes in  sizes from 12 cm. pink flower,pink ribbon,pink lace trim.

Somthing Precious tiny baby bereavement clothes tiny baby burial LITTLE PETAL 12CMPremature baby burial gown set The sad loss of an infant is stressful enough to parents, so worrying about finding something suitable to lay baby to rest in is so important to the family.White is a symbol of purity and innocence.
At such a difficult time this outfit comes in sizes to fit so you don't have to worry about dressing baby in dolls clothes just to get a good fit, Something Precious range.

choose from any length your require if you need toes covered or peeping.

This beautiful set can be rushed out if you feel you need something special and quick to dress your little girl in.


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