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early signs labour especially premature

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early signs labour especially premature 

early signs labour especially premature what are they ?

Braxton hicks is like the practise of labour. You get more and more from the middle and towards the end of pregnancy. A midwife will check the cervix by doing an internal .if its soft and dilating then its the early signs of labour.

In cases of a premature labour once the waters have gone there's no going back. A baby will be born early.

real thing … the early signs of labour. When you start to go into labour contractions can be infrequent and short, with maybe niggly pains. Pain could be located in the bottom of back.Rocking and slow breathing can take the edge off. 

in the early signs of labour the cervix will start to change soften and thin. Next it starts to dilate. up to 3cm dilation of the cervix in early labour. "not much happening yet" is words often spoken to pregnant mums, just before they go into proper labour.

Soon regular pains for longer periods happen in the early stages of labour. more rhythmic now.

Mild pain relief may be used here.Stronger pains are a good sign with intense tightening's around the stomach like an elastic band. Its a sign of established labour as the cervix starts to open more and more with each contraction. now the cervix opens 3cm to 10 cm during established labour. Pains are much more severe. stronger pain relief could be needed now depending how you cope with pain.

Around 5cm+ the midwife may break the waters surrounding your baby when you are in active labour. Sometimes the waters break on their own . On rare occasions its nice to see baby come out with the waters intact. A special moment that old wives tails say " the child will always love water now .

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