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Premature Babies Clothes 1-2lb 1kg

 premature infant clothing tiny sizes here for a preterm baby weighing 1-2lb 1 - 2lb ( 500 g -1 kg) 


premature babies weighing just over 1lb stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Born anywhere from 24 weeks gestation of pregnancy. Infants this small will have 1 to 1 nursing care by a neonatal nurse. Plus other specialists will keep an eye on your baby during their stay in the NICU. As your baby gains inner organs mature they will graduate . This is good news as it means they don't need as much nursing care as they did in the NICU . This next stage is a time spent in the HDU unit. However a high dependency unit still as careful management for tiny and poorly infants. The HDU still pays attention to the direct care needs of these tiny babies including breathing and circulation first feeds etc.