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Premature Clothing by Birth Weight

premature clothing

Pick Premature Baby wear by birth Weight

 Premature Clothing by Birth weight this section stocks all baby's sizes by lowbirth weight premature baby outfits from 0-1lb right up to 8lb. In kg is 250 gram - 3kg

choose a birthweight found easily on this page. 

Premature Clothing to fall in love with. Dressing your little babe in New outfits. Imagine clothing being so tiny you wonder how can anyone make them this small. To cherish them forever in their memory box after outgrowing them. Plus the excitement you'll feel showing them to your family, eagerly awaiting the moment you get to put them on your baby yourself. Spectacular range including finger sized Socks, 1lb in Weight babygrows, cutest prints that make you all gooey eyed they really are that sweet. 2lb dresses a wonderful surprise awaits with matching knickers and headbands. As well as 3lb low birth weight full outfits hand created too.