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Fist steps by baby, helping baby to walk

Many parents often panic when it comes to their baby "not walking yet".
we are often asked "when should my baby be walking, as his cousin is walking and she is 10 months old."
The answer is when baby is ready!!!  and can be anything from 12months -approximate  18 months old.
You can encurage baby to walk by helping in numerous ways but in general if your child is nurtured in a safe environment, well loved,a balanced diet catered for, stimulated through various play activities then the natural progression will take place.
Please do not think well thats obvious,After looking after children for over 24 years you will be surprised.
( please do not take offence at the following comments !!!! these are personal experiences of families struggling and here are just to show examples so you don't make the same mistakes)
  • On some occasssions parents leave it up to the nursery or childminder to do the job so they can tell other members of the family "yes she is walking".
  • Have left babies in a nursery setting. Gone to work, come home from work, tea then bathed baby and straight to bed with no quality playtime.therefore babies emotional needs not met by showing signs of bonding problems.
  • Some  inexperienced parents not knowing how to meet child's needs have simply left baby to their own devices in cot or playpen except at feeding and changing time.thus child delayed in development.
  • Other parent have been so eager to get baby walking child has developed bow legged by standing on feet to early.(and even toilet training as early as 4 months).
see picture1 of a newborn baby with a reflex walking action. Babies are born able to do this. It is not an indication that your baby can walk 
This reflex action  will disappear after a few weeks
  • From 5-6 months onwards encourage gentle, muscle toning by laying baby on back and front on a thick baby blanket or playmat on the floor.Position baby toys within easy reach. Gradually move them away so baby has to use hand eye coordination, arms and legs to learn to roll over.


  • Although not all babies roll over, you are introducing activities to help promote strong muscle tone at a pace that is suitable for baby. Some premature babies will be delayed in their development so bear this in mind if your baby was born early.
  • As your baby's leg muscles become stronger you can let baby stand facing you on your knee and encourage bouncing bending at the knees.As you sing make laughter and fun. Little face will chuckle with joy when he/she gets used to the idea.


  • let baby wear bare feet as much as possible especially when learning to crawl in the house or beginning to stand with the furniture. A baby will use their big toes to balance. so standing with the furniture is a natural progression before walking commences.
  • Make sure your baby does not wear hard shoes until walking steadily unaided.


  • When baby starts to let go of the furniture. Very gently face baby in between  parents sitting on the floor opposite each other. Encourage a few steps to each other turning baby around by calling baby's name and enticing with a favourite toy. Your baby will develop confidence and balance and this stage. They will have their arms outstretched  which is very important to gain balance .


  • Start off with a couple of feet away from each other and if baby gets bored or sits down a few times that's when they are saying I've had enough. You can help baby along by letting them hold your hands at first gradually decreasing to one then attempting unaided.Repeat every day for a few minutes each time.
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