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top 13 baby sitting tips for parents

Top 13 baby sitting tips for parents By Sheila Sudlow of Cheeky Chums


1                    Use someone you can trust i.e. family member grandparent, niece.

2                    If someone is baby sitting for babies have someone older and experienced or very experienced.

3                    Never use anyone who doesnít like children or has never been left with children before.

4                    Use someone who is reliable and turns up on time.

5                    Get contact details for both sides in case of emergencies i.e.  Your next door neighbours daughter baby sitting get her mums contact numbers etc.Give the babysitter a number they can contact you by when you are out.

6                    Leave notes as to how much bottle your baby will drink and any special story they like to read for the baby sitter before you leave, so they can keep the same routine for your baby/child whilst you are out.

7                    Try to get the baby sitter familiar with your children before you decide them to baby sit. Donít just dump a sitter with the children and leave. Toddlers donít like change and can cry when left with strangers.

8                    Show the baby sitter where spare clothes etc are kept in case of any spills or an upset tummy in bed.

9                    Make safe arrangements for the baby sitter to get home afterwards or the day after. Never let them walk the streets alone back home.

10               Try to relax and donít keeping ringing the baby sitter every half hour, trust is a 2 way communication. You want to know they are in safe hands but a phone call half way through the evening is suffice.

11                Get the baby sitter to ring you with any concerns, that way they are seeking your advice and you are showing the baby sitter that they can be trusted. Enjoy yourselves whilst you are out.

12                Donít get drunk if you will have (single) sole responsibility for the children afterwards, it is an offence to be drunk in charge of children.

13               Never leave children on their own, even if your babysitter doesnít turn up. It is not safe, irresponsible even if you are just nipping to the shop. It can be subject to criminal charges brought before you and social services involved with child neglect.
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