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New Baby ? what about the daddy's role when baby arrives!

What about the daddy’s role when the new baby comes.
article written by Sheila Sudlow at Cheeky Chums


When your wife or partner has just given birth, all the fuss and attention will be with her and the new baby. Sometimes dads feel left out, but there are ways you can help you feel proud to be a new dad. You can be overwhelmed with tears of joy, helping you to feel Happy and contented within the family unit.

To bond with your baby you can start by holding your little one from the very start. Don’t be scared. Everyone has to start some where, when holding a new born infant for the very first time.

Babies seem so small you may be worried about dropping them. The more you handle your baby the easier it gets. After the strain of the birth you can help your partner by passing her the baby instead of her getting out of the hospital bed or stretching to reach baby. It will build your confidence by holding baby even for just a few seconds. Then later on progressing to changing baby’s nappy and bath times and feeding if your partner isn’t breast feeding...

Help your partner with chores at home. When she gets on her feet more you can both do equal roles at home. Don’t just expect to go to work and expect your tea to be ready when you get home. Babies are very demanding. Don’t expect sex straight away lots of cuddles love and affection is the best option until everything is healed and back to normal. The last thing you need is your partner to fall pregnant straight away or cause her any discomfort.

Occasionally as baby gets older you may find yourselves too tired or baby is awake in the night so you find it harder to spend any quality time with each other. Try to get a family member to baby sit and treat her to a night out occasionally. The partner you had before the baby arrived won’t change but a new baby puts her in a new light of “lover to you” and also “mother to the new baby”. Any nice surprises you can do for your partner can help the two of you to become even closer and help unite the family unit.
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