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Creating a hassle free party for a 3 year old child.

Creating a hassle free party for a 3 year old child.


Article written by Sheila Sudlow of Cheeky Chums (if you need any game ideas for parties send an email we are happy to offer advice).



1,         Plan a party around your child favorite TV character.2 hr for this age is ample. (Usually you allow half and hour for dancing and party dances gets the children in the mood for joining in, half an hour for food and snacks half an hour for dancing/colouring picture competitions then half and hour for more games.

2.         If you don’t want mess at home hire a free room.

3.         Get as much help before hand from friends and adult family members and list things to do and who will do it. The more help the better. Check and double check that everyone is happy with what they are doing, the last thing you need is someone saying” oh I thought it was next month I can’t make” it or “I didn’t know you needed a pink cake I made a blue”.

4.         Print off free worksheets on the net associated with the TV character they enjoy i.e. Bob the Builder or Dora the Explorer. Buy cheap felt tip pens (washable ones) and crayons. Put them into empty biscuit tins. So the children can help themselves, offer a prize for the best picture. Do the competition in ages so not to offend the ones who are little artists. Get them to put their names on the back so there is no favoritism ask them all to put pens away afterwards. (Your child can take them home afterwards and reuse them).

5.         If you are going to have 2 year old and babies be careful which entertainer you are going to get anyone dressed in a large clown or postman pat costume etc can seem very scary for this age group and there will be tears and upsets avoid if possible

6.         Hire a balloon modeler if money is not a problem. Have them prepare balloons before they arrive so there will be enough for all the children to get one and that there is no waiting around for ages (waiting for their balloon to be modeled) children of this age get bored very easily let the entertainer come towards the end of the party so they can take their final balloon model home with them before they get popped...once children have these balloons they will not be interested in playing games or anything if they have them too early. If you are not having a balloon modeler have some ordinary balloons ready in large bin liners. Tip them on the floor and you can use them for games, music is played when it stops who ever is holding a yellow one is out change the colours until there is only one winner left in, who finally gets a prize.

7.         towards the end of the party. If there are older children give out a bin liner each and say the one who fills the most rubbish wins a pound. Results in Less mess for the adults plus older children get a reward. (Watch how fast they rush around trying to fill their bag full to the top. (Many times it was worth the full five pounds for a clean room, too many volunteers lol).
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