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checklist, choose the right pram for your baby that will help you save money.

baby pram
do you know what to look for when choosing a pram for baby?
Article written by Sheila Sudlow


Would you like to save money?


 See our checklist to help you choose the right pram that will help you save money.
Article update 24/11/08 recent trials and research are  being conducted and although this is in the early stages prams facing away from you when pushing a baby show babies heart rate increases.We do not recommend putting babies under stress, especially when we live such busy lifestyles and rushing about with a pram from shop to shop.It could make parents stressed too because they cannot attend to baby as easier so we recommend prams facing mummy for this reason.


  • Choose a pram/pushchair/buggy for safety,durability and comfort.
  • Check the pram is tall enough so you do not damage your back when pushing baby.
  • Check safety of straps, claps etc ie no trapped fingers.
  • Stability, doesn't tip up when baby is inside.
  • Make sure it can fold easily away for a car boot or for travelling on public transport.The last thing you need is to buy a pram that wont fit in the boot.
  • Buy a pram with all the extras included, that way you won' t find it hard to source a rain cover to fit or a sunshade at a later date, do not presume they will have them in stock later on, just to save you money now.You could end up being dissapointed and end up buying yet another pram.
  • Never buy a pram that doesn't have a break.A pram without one can very easily roll into a road and be hit with a car.
  • Don't buy a cheap buggy as a cheap alternative to a pram, a newborn needs to lie back and should not sit up in a buggy until 6 months old.
  • Check with the supplier for a free warranty some stores even lend you a pram until a replacement can be found.


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