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helping baby settle of to sleep

article written by Abby Johnson
 Hush little baby, don't say a word... Sleep, it may seem like one those things a new parent, especially a mom, has permanently forsaken. Some long gone luxury like wearing a white shirt without baby goo on it. If you are a sleep deprived parent you know it is important to get your baby to sleep on his own. Unfortunately, babies come programmed to sleep with mommy, after all they did that while in her womb. So, it is understandable that it will take some time for baby to get accustomed to falling asleep on his own.

Many tricks for helping your little one fall asleep involve setting up a nighttime routine. Such as following the same schedule, of bathing, feeding then bed or using certain items such as a blankie, or stuffed animal, maybe one with the heart sound, that your baby can associate with sleep. If, after several months your baby still cannot sleep on his own, you may want to look into trying the Ferber Method.

The Ferber Method was introduced by Dr. Richard Ferber as a way to wean a baby from needing mommy in order to sleep. This method, though not for everyone, is normally effective within the first few weeks of starting. It is not recommended to start the Ferber Method unless you have the time to devote to it as it may well cause you some further sleepless nights, especially at the start. Also, as mentioned, this method is not for everyone, as you must be able to listen to your little one cry. If you allow your baby to sleep with you or you sleep in his room, in order to quite him or because you are simply too tired to stay awake, then this method will not work.

To start this method you will put your baby to bed as you always do. It is important that he is tired but awake, so that he can call asleep on his own. Once you leave the room, and he starts crying, let him cry for five minutes. After five minutes you can to in and console him. Only stay in the room a short while, and do not pick him up or rock him, even if he continues to cry. Now, leave the room again, this time wait ten minutes before proceeding as above. Next time wait 15 minutes, and remain at a maximum of 15 minutes the rest of the night, eventually your baby will go to sleep without you in the room.

The second night of this method, start out at ten minutes vs. five, before entering baby's room. Next move up to 15 minutes, followed by 20. Each night increase the wait time by five minutes.

By sticking to this method your baby will fall asleep on his own. While it may seem cruel, or be hard on you to let your baby cry, the Ferber Method is safe and a successful way of teaching baby to sleep by himself.

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