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10 month blind baby learns through play progressing

article written by Sheila Sudlow of Cheeky Chums.
A baby with severe eye problems or who may be blind can learn just as much as an able bodied child can.

A baby learns through play so you can help develop your baby�s other senses which will seem to be over sensitive now to compensate for the lost one �Sight�.


Provide lots of large pieces of fabrics in luscious fabrics to rub against baby�s face and allows for baby to feel the softness through his/her fingers such as faux fur, Cotton, Suede.Bath Sponge. Toweling fabric etc.


Babies explore with their mouths too, so just be aware if teeth have started to come through and baby wants to chew the sponge to pieces, supervision is necessary so try to use items which do not break of easy and could be a possible chocking hazard.


Provide large spoons and if baby is sitting up give with large saucepans showing baby how to make lots of noise with wooden spoons and biscuit tins upside down. Banging, Patting with hands and exploring safe objects. Jangling bunches of keys in tins make a good sound too try to come up with new sounds your baby can explore every day.

A good tip put dry peas, large hard beans, and rice in separate Pringle tubs. Cello tape Extra firmly into place for safety and with more sounds baby can explore and enjoy. Each tin having a separate sound which will stimulate your baby�s learning and other senses further.

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