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Mummy's little Baby hates Bathtime

article written by Danielle Bennett
If your baby hates bath time, is it entirely your fault!

"Say what?", you ask. "How is it my fault if she kicks and screams, moans and groans and shouts and hollers at the mere sight of bath water?" Well, she may be going through all of those negative emotions because you have unknowingly turned bath time into another dreaded chore instead of a fun-filled experience that both you and your infant can enjoy. Babies, big and small, thrive on routines and crave lots of fun. And while they may be having a great time in the baby bouncer, play pen or swing... you also need to let the good times roll during bath time as well.

When you gather up the hooded bath towel, bath soap and bath sponge, make sure you also grab some bath toys and plan your bath games. Don't just focus on getting him clean. Keep your mind on making him happy. It'll make all the difference in the world. And before you say you just don't know how to make him happy in the tub; here are a few ideas to start you on your way. If your baby hates bath time, toys should be your first course of action. Babies who are six-to-12 months old especially like little buckets that sink, duckies that squirt and balls that go "splat". There are even a few bath puppets you can use to keep your little one smiling while you soap her down at the same time. Toddlers like animals that swirl, boats that sail and dolphins that swim. Throw in some flying bubbles and you will completely have it made. There is a long list of bath time games for bath time fun. You can start by washing your baby's hair and leaving the shampoo in for a while. Use your fingers to make his hair stick up in wacky styles. Have a mirror nearby and watch him giggle as he sees what he looks like with a foamy top. If your baby doesn't have any hair, that's okay. Try holding a cup of water way up high and gently pouring it out creating a waterfall onto your baby's tummy. She will definitely get a real kick out of this. Overall, just use your imagination and try something new every day.

Now that you know how to create a good time; how about singing to your baby while you wipe him down? And how about putting on some baby bath music? Sesame Street has created an excellent CD called Splish Splash: Bath Time Fun. There are 15 bath related songs that will have your baby movin' and groovin' in the water in no time. With this CD, you will never again say your baby hates bath time.

Lastly, while you're on your exciting new bath time adventure, always remember to keep it safe. There is no point in planning the big laughs and having all the great fun if you are not being careful. Keep safety first and everything else will just simply fall into place.


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