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Daddy's not safe when playing with baby

article written by Stefan Korn
Well that’s what I should have done I think … instead I ended up in A&E with a sore eye which turned out to be corneal abrasion. What happened? I was playing with Noah on the floor when he suddenly lashed out and accidentally scratched my eye. Somehow my eye lid wasn’t fast enough to close in time so he basically hit the eyeball with his fingers.
 Needless to say that he ALWAYS has razor sharp nails no matter how often we trim them (is this a baby thing?). At first I wasn’t too bothered about it but after an hour my right eye turned bright red and it just kept “crying”. All this time it felt like I had something in my eye but I just couldn’t see anything in the mirror.
Over time it also got more and more painful (I had no idea that the eyeball itself contains so many nerve cells!). Eventually I caved in and went to the after hours medical centre. The GP who examined me said that it is a common complaint and that he’s got lots of parents coming in with the same problem all the time.
 Fortunately it’s an “easy fix” – some cream that needs to be squeezed into the eye lid and an eye patch for a couple of days. All in all it took about 4 days to clear. So now I’m thinking - maybe I should just wear eye protection when playing with Noah. Hopefully this problem will go away in time as he develops his motor skills or works out that parents’ eye balls are not to be poked? Anyway – just wanted to share this so you can brace yourself for the experience! Needless to say Noah didn’t recognise me when I got home with my eye patch … what a life! ? -Stef

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