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Planning a Baby menu For Babies 6-12 month. Part 2

Planning a Baby menu Part 2.For Babies 6-12month.
Article written by Sheila Sudlow


So you are on the path of the new weaning stage for your baby.

Your baby has started on solid foods and you need to know when to start the process of adding lumps. Then gradually progressing onto finger foods.


In general your baby will start to tell you. You wonít be able to get the spoons in quick enough, baby will be eager than ever and may start to cry if you cannot get the spoonfuls in faster. His/her little legs will start to kick vigorously; he/she may start to grab the spoon from you.


A baby has to develop swallowing techniques. With supervision your baby may not like the more solid texture and may start to heave. This is normal and will pass, you could try a taste that baby already really loves, and start making this texture slightly thicker. Donít add lots of different flavours until baby is comfortable with the NEW thicker texture.


Roughly speaking between 6-12 months these next processes should naturally follow on.

Donít leave the transformation from liquid solids to thicker textures too late.

By 12 months your baby should be using finger foods and have just started spoon feeding by him/her self.


Approx 10 months let baby start to feed themselves. Use a large bib; roll up your babyís sleeves. Strap them in their high/low chair. If you feed baby on the carpet and you donít like mess put an old towel underneath to catch any spills. Donít worry about the mess, baby has to learn about textures, what foods feel like running through the fingers and about cause and effect.(What happens if they throw a dish on the floor, looking down at the floor to see ďwhatís happened to my dinnerĒ).
As baby starts to hold the spoon they will start to lick it upside down. This is normal, gradually show baby how to hold the spoon correctly. Don't be surprised if they like the idea of becoming an independant baby and throw a tantrum and cry because you have taken the spoon from them even (if its only for a second or 2).


If you are worried about how much your child has eaten. Feed them, most of the food and leave them to just a little in the dish. That way you know they wonít be hungry and you have seen how much they have actually eaten.

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