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world prematurity day what where when is it

worlds prematurity day for premature babies everywhere


What is world prematurity day?

World Prematurity Day is celebrated on the 17th of November; it is a global movement in which thousands of people take part to raise awareness of premature birth, serious health crisis both mother and baby, death, disability, pain, and promoting advocacy and education. On this day, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire staff come together with neonatal units internationally and nationally to celebrate the 15 million premature babies born every year around the world. However, about 60,000 of these babies are born before the right time in the UK. Approximately hundreds of countries join this movement to raise awareness about a premature birth.

Why We Need world prematurity day?

Having a premature birth is a very serious health condition that leads to the cause of death under five-year children worldwide. Babies who are born prematurely have more health issues than other babies who are born on time. Furthermore, premature babies also face long-term health problems that affect the hearing, vision, brain, and lungs.

In the UK, many parents are currently experiencing premature birth that leaves a lasting impact. As we discussed above, 60,000 babies are born prematurity which is unacceptable. The prematurity birth may impact very bad effects and heavy emotional burdens on families and lead to special education needs or lifelong health issues.

In the worst situations, the baby is born prematurely, which can lead to a tragic death and in the UK, prematurity birth is the most leading cause of infant death; that's why the UK needs to address this problem. world prematurity day is a great way to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm birth globally.

So, join the world prematurity ay movement and help the University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire staff raise awareness about the problem of prematurity in the UK. This movement aims to move towards a place where no family has to endure this problem.

What is the Main Purpose of world prematurity day?

The main purpose of this day is to increase engagement, awareness, and reach around the world about the preterm pains, preterm birth, preterm survival, and health issues of a premature baby. However, prematurity day also promotes the message to support families, healthcare professionals and strengthening healthcare systems.

Why is Purple for World Prematurity Day?

Purple Colour is a symbol for World Prematurity day because it stands for exceptionally and sensitivity.

How Can I Involve in The World Prematurity Day Movement?

You can participate in this movement in the following ways:

  • Sharing the messages provided in the Advocacy

  • Join the movement using Social Media toolkit

  • Use #WorldPrematurityDay2021 in your post

What Things Can I Do to Support World Prematurity Day?

  1. Share your World Prematurity Day plans and experiences within your network using

  2. Download different social media resources and use #WorldPrematrityDay, and share your post and links among your networks.

  3. Telling your story of transforming care for sick and small infants and submit a blog to HNN on

  4. Try to add purple colour in your everything, such as wear purple, lighting your office or home purple, cooking purple meats, light a purple candle in your window and share on social media with #WorldPrematurityDay2021.

  5. Hangs up a smaller purple baby sock with nine white baby socks as a symbol to promote awareness about prematurity and share on social media with #WorldPremaurityDay2021. 



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