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prematurity in babies what does it mean

prematurity in babies what does it mean


What is Prematurity?

Prematurity is a term that is used for a baby who is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Premature baby delivery is the most common reason for antenatal hospitalization and the make a cause of neonatal mortality. A baby born prematurity at 24 weeks is considered viable in the UK, yet only 50% of their survival chances. Infants who are born too soon experience many health challenges and may need to stay in the hospital for longer until they recover. But due to advance medical technology, prematurely babies have more chance of surviving and living healthy lives.

Why Are Some Babies Born Prematurely?

The chances of premature baby delivery are too high when the mother has health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, or does harmful things during pregnancy like drink or smoking. Besides, a lot of stress and anxiety can also make cause prematurity birth. However, there are many other things and health problems that can make cause early baby born in which some problems can be controlled while others can't be controlled.

How Premature Effects Little Babies in the NICU?

The respiratory systems of the tiny babies aren't fully developed, and they need help breathing. Besides, the swallowing and sucking ability not developed in premature babies and aren't able to eat on their own is why they receive fluids intravenously and nutrition through a feeding tube and an IV in NICU. The tiny baby needs to gain a few pounds because they are born with extremely low birth weight.

Furthermore, premature babies are at a high risk of various complications such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), respiratory distress syndrome (lung disorder, RDS), jaundice, hypothermia (difficulty staying warm), pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. All of these complications can lead to an increase in hospital stays for newborns.

What Happened in the NICU?

NICU is an intensive care unit for neonatal where a team of experts takes care of babies get around the clock. Premature babies are on the development track in the NICU, so any treatment will be minimal.

How Prematurity birth Affect a New Born Baby's Brain?

Prematurity birth can make cause long-term developmental and intellectual disabilities for babies. Here we discussed some problems that can cause a person to have delays or trouble in:

  • Communicating

  • Learning

  • Physical development

  • Getting along with others

  • Taking care of himself

The long-term complications linked to prematurity birth include:

  • Neurological disorders

  • Cerebral palsy (Often called CP)

  • Mental health conditions

  • Behaviour problems

How Long Your Baby Can Go Home?

Until your baby meets all the health development requirements, he or she will have to stay in the NICU for 24 hours care and monitoring. But once your little baby recovers and meets all the required criteria and completely free of any other complications, then you'll be able to hug him, and take him home and enjoy a healthy and happy life together.

Take Away

Proper prenatal care, a healthy diet, and daily exercise can significantly reduce the chances of premature birth. However, make sure you eat many whole grains, fresh fruits, proteins, vegetables, drink a lot of water every day, and take calcium and folic supplements. But if you have a previous premature birth or a blood pressure problem, then start taking aspirin daily according to your doctor's advice. Besides, avoid illegal drugs, smoking, and other health danger activities because these can lead to a higher risk of premature birth. more articles on our home page at cheekychumsonline

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