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what can make a premature baby so sick

what can make a premature baby so sick? 

As a premature baby is cared for in a hospital you may think it's a clean place surely they don't get sick from being in there, do they ?  Neonatal intensive care units are ever so strict on hygiene. For these vulnerable tiny babies sometimes things happen. Often because the immune system is compromised due to their prematurity. One condition is an inflamed intestine or gut inflammation. if it gets severe often surgery is needed and a long recovery. 

One issue common is infection. It could just be an iv line that has been inserted into a vein causing it to be red and sore. or an infection more complication such as strep b, meningitis or even a common cold. In fact a cold could effect the babys breathing chest with lung development not being mature enough. So once a premature baby goes home watch out for visitors not coming if they are at all sick. 

Therefore once a baby is with family and even older siblings at home they can easily catch all the early childhood illness that a child can get in its lifetime.

tiny babies can they get rashes on their face born premature

baby born tiny and early for dates is it true they can get a Rash?

yes, baby can get a rash on the face known as a milk rash. Do not be tempted to squash and pimples like a spot, the rash will go on its own. use cotton wool balls and warm water to wipe your premature baby’s face. don’t be tempted to use wipes on their skin as it is very sensitive.

A midwife visit can confirm the rash if the baby is sick then your doctor will let you know if it is anything that needs treatment for. for example, even a newborn baby around 6 weeks old can get chicken pox.

if your baby has been in contact with someone with a serious infection consult the Nicu outreach team or a member of the medical team still visiting you for more advice.

here are 5 tips for maintaining good hygiene practices caring for premature babies.

1. Get older siblings into a habit or using a tissue to wipe their own noses and disposing of it in the bin afterwards.

2. wash and dry hands before holding a baby.

3. Don't let strangers kiss your baby.

4. Keep sick relatives at bay.

5. planning a family outing.don't visit family if anyone is sick there. stay back and let the rest of the family go without you

what first aid kit items should you have when you have a premature baby at home

always ring the Nicu for advice if newly home and you think your baby make be sick. it could be a case of giving Calpol. but the Nicu staff will advise you what does to give. Calpol paracetamol or ibufen baby medicine. Gripe water. baby Gaviscon. underarm thermometer, room thermometer, forehead thermometer. Snuffle baby its like "vicks" that you could rub on a sheet near baby but not directly on their skin. 


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