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baby weight what's the average newborn weight too

 a baby weight at birth plus what's the average newborn weight too ?

baby weight at birth does it matter ? can I eat more food to make my baby weigh more after its born ? Today we answer some popular questions and worries mums tend to have.

One thing a midwife does when she visits mum and a baby after its been born is check the babies weight. So yes birth weight does have an impact on a baby's health and well being. when a mum is pregnant it is important to eat well. The old wife's tale eat double as you are eating for two doesn't apply anymore. In fact it isn't good in this day and age . Its because food habits have changed. What maternity hospitals are facing during antenatal visits now is more overweight mums.

Then in turn an overweight mum as she gains weight in pregnancy which is normal leads to obesity. then more mums to be are going on an at risk pregnancy care. therefore due health issues associated with obesity the more complications in pregnancy arise.
Risks like high blood pressure risk of stroke a risk or pre-eclampsia. next there is gestational diabetes. Diabetes is dangerous for baby during pregnancy. as the baby tends to gain more weight than normal. Mum will have to check her sugar levels more regular and avoid sugar.

what is the average newborn weight

baby weight
the average newborn baby is 7.5lbs in weight at birth. its normal for a baby to loose a little weight a few days later. As baby drinks milk he or she gains weight. health visitors keep a check on a baby's weight pretty regular. Mum or dad is the first person to recognise is baby is going of food or refusing breast feed so a chat in the first instance with a doctor or health visitor is the recommended route. there are all sorts of issues related to baby feeding problems . one could be a tongue tie. It doesn't usually warrant surgery unless a baby s having difficulty breastfeeding. another issue could be lactose intolerance. The heal prick that is done about 5 days after birth is PKU test stands for phenylketonuria a rare condition that is serious. tested in all babies to see if the body can break down a certain substance. if positive they are treated straight away.

Mums find the more babies they have the weight increases with each child..

premature baby birth weights.
a newborn baby that goes full term may be over 7.5lbs but for babies born less than 37 weeks their birthweight will be lower. for instance babies only gain body fat during the last few weeks of mum being pregnant. Before this they grow in length and inner organs mature. Its common for a premature baby to be born looking all arms and legs, with a little old man feature as they are so tiny. Especially babies born at 25 -28 weeks. the tenderest of babies born at 24 weeks weigh around 1lb as you can see the difference compared to that of a newborn baby.

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