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babies clothes do they really need so many in 2021

babies clothes does your baby really need so many?

babies clothes in 2021 in a throw away culture does a baby really need so many outfits? today we look at what's changed over last few years and if the future has anything new to throw at us. In terms of grandparents buying the new baby a gift nahhh that's not changed. its the most thrilling part of having a grandchild. As the mum to be goes round shops looking at baby clothes the grandparent often says "oh we have get that its just so cute". then as time goes in towards the end of the pregnancy so the wardrobe content increases.

Then there is mum and dad. The first scan then is it a buying frenzy as the sex of baby is identified. the big chunk of money for babies goes on the pram the moses basket the cot etc . So its nice to have someone else buy for baby too isnt it.

Boys girls or unisex babies clothes which to buy

After the scan at 20 weeks some parents want to find out the sex of the baby. But if baby had crossed legs then you may have wait until birth just to find out. So what babies clothes do you buy as you wait the delivery of your baby ? lots of whites creams . these days with shops offering more unisex colours and styles there is quite a variety to pick from. In 2020 Grey was popular even at Heaven and Hope the grey was selling out fast. its still popular now in 2021. In fact white as been added with the grey for the next seasons colours along with some delicious new colours for newborn babies clothes. Heaven and Hope will have these new colours in too by summer.

Throw away babies clothes

years ago Ebay was a great place to go to sell the excess babies clothes . In 2021 its now a flooded market so unless you pay extra to get it at the top of the listings its a waste of money. facebook offered groups and local buy sell and swap pages but your item gets lost in the vast amount other people put up there so you cant be seen. plus now its a cancel culture with trolls galore following posts. Now you have bullying going on taking the micky out of a dirty item or asking too much you cant win at all. I must admit I my self have found myself scrolling down an item just to see the comments. wow they really have such a following on some listings before you know it a 100 people have left comments on a pair of baby shoes being too expensive. Talk about cyber bullying. so what can you do with your babies clothes that no longer fit or didn't get used .what about charity shops ? hand them to friends ? people often don't want hand me downs now unless they are designer. is it all about keeping up with the Jones's so to speak.

stopping you from buying babies clothes during a pandemic.

 How can someone at the top, stop you from buying babies clothes in 2020/2021. well they did sections in supermarkets closed off. Buying baby milk powder in Wales was classed as non essential. crazy times. Todays news says these sections can now be eased off but way things change each week anything's possible. As more people shop online and small businesses close it could suggest more online baby shopping will be done by families than ever before.

During a pandemic and being in lockdown has changed our buying habits especially as we see cash slowly being reduced and the card and contactless is the new payment method being pushed. soon crypto currency will be added so more online purchases will be done without you seeing actually cash in your hand. there is a good thing to this you buy more babies clothes. A feel good factor when its so depressing all around you. Dressing your baby in something a cute is good memory to treasure as you take loads of photos as baby grows. So no a baby can never have too many clothes.


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