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Prem baby clothes uk at Cheeky Chums

prema babies clothing

Prem baby clothes uk at Cheeky Chums

Prem baby clothes with delicious colours can be found easily online at Cheeky Chums. Cheeky Chums stock every type of prem baby clothes imaginable. plus in plentiful supply. Cheeky Chums offer prem clothing for all aspects of special care baby units. home use. outdoor clothing. Even hard to find items such as accessories to match too.The sensitive part is very prem wear for babies less than 24 weeks gestation. Such as To dress with dignity these tiny babies born sleeping. 

In 2019 Cheeky Chums staff went to see whats new at the baby show. What colours are due in that fashionable this season. It was so hard hardly any suppliers catered for tiny babies born very early. The business owner wanted to feel the fabrics first hand. are they kind to tiny babies fragile skin. As a result Are they practical for neonatal unit use? Are they cute and colourful ? Are they affordable. the hardest things was no they weren't affordable. In fact they were very expensive that Cheeky Chums tore up the catalogues they passed them.

Another sad feature was some manufactures gave up with their premature brands. They said "we used to make them but not now". One good baby clothing manufacturer came up trumps. They brought out trendy whites and greys this years colours for newborn babies upwards plus extended it to prem clothes too. It was so exciting.

So Cheeky Chums went on a mad spending spree.In particular to get lots of these cute clothing in stock just for your prem babies to own.

what else was good at the baby show?

lots of new brands for newborn babies and upwards were there. Europe manufacturers. In fact is was quite hard speaking in their native language . trying to ask about the baby sizes. But the Cheeky Chums staff had a laugh with them and used a lot of sign language and gestures.

One brand clothing was brilliant it bought stock made by British home sewers. beautiful fabrics really cute. well made with soft yet hardwearing materials. Great lines for toddlers so if you have older brothers and sisters look out for them. Dinosaurs and animals galore.

Cheeky Chums plans Summer baby clothing for prem babies.

watch out in Summer Cheeky Chums expands its new range of prem baby wear.Its for Intensive care units use. aimed at tiny babies 2-3lb and 3-5lb. leggings tops dresses mix and matchable by effronte Amour. Colourful fabrics and the cutest prints get them only from here


what else is new for this year...

prem baby clothes

New coats sweet dream bunnies and teddies. Incidentally fitting prem babies sizes 3-5lb. plus more all in one coats. with the freaky weather changing you just have to have them in all year round for early infants.

rompersuits baby sleepsuits galore. little sheep. vests and bib sets. dresses dresses and more dresses. hahaha Cheeky Chums are addicted to buying.

keep an eye out for the scrumptious melon dresses for prem babies and coordinating socks and hats. for little boys theres even new outfits prince George style. Cheeky Chums wonder if Megan and prince Harrys baby will wear similar traditional clothes too. Their baby is due in April 2019 and Only time will tell.

prem baby clothes what are the sizes like .A few years ago Cheeky Chums baby clothing shop research and development team wanted to find prem baby clothes in the uk.. It was for a baby girl weighing 2lb 3oz.

The ones found in the UK were massive. Arms too long in some cases, body widths way to wide. baby clothes was standard fitting by just a couple manufacturers still around in the uk textiles industry.

The baby clothes for prem babies are found in body weights across the uk.You can find 3-5lb and 5-8lb in weight for the 2 main prem sizes. supermarket tend to go off early baby and tiny baby and if you are unfortunate you have to make do with a prem sticker inside the clothes. It doesn't tell you what birth weight it will fit daft isn't it.At another online prem shop Sizes come in 1 and half to 3 and half pound.

prem baby clothes on trial

when Cheeky Chums purchased some on a trial purchased found the hat was an average size which did not meet with the baby's head size for that of a 1lb baby it was more 3-5lb plus What a waste of money.

Mums having to put them on baby later as baby gained more weight and with a different outfit altogether. In fact Cheeky Chums decided to alter them manually before sending them out to customers but it shouldn't be the retailer's responsibility should it.

Worldwide  preemie baby clothing the term used for premature babies overseas seem larger still with a recent baby grow purchased in a preemie size, (for baby weighing 5-8lb) it was so big it was more 12lb plus. What is going on with manufacturers? Mums need clothes to fit tiny babies so how do Cheeky Chums stock the ones that fit?

neonatal range for prem babies

Nanny Nicu neonatal baby clothing range was introduced  years ago. Vibrant coloured, pretty styling, cute clothes made just for prem tiny and poorly newborns. Aimed for use in the neonatal intensive care units and post op surgery clothes and clothes ready for wear at home.

Realistic body measurements where used to make the exclusive creations and with direct input from the special care baby unit nursing staff.

In Colourful complete baby clothing sets Nanny Nicu offer slimmer fittings, offer more sizes for the smallest of micro sized prem much cuter too than average plain mumbo jumbo white outfits.

Cheeky Chums  carry a whole range of tiny baby clothing sizes. For babies with a fuller tummy measurement each of the clothing descriptions at Cheeky Chums online baby shop tell you which are generous fittings and which come on the smaller side fittings so you have a better idea which to buy. Some premature babies are longer in the length

Prem babies do not have enough body fat to fill outfits that the 0-3 month sizes have. 

Some of the clothes for premature babies look like they have been stuck together any old fashion and with a prem size sticker sewed on. How is a parent or grandparent wanting to buy a premature baby gift supposed to know what size it is without carrying a tape measure around in a pocket?

Cheeky chums offer a jam packed baby clothing store just in tiny sizes.The online Premature baby clothes superstore has it all for prem baby. information on premature babies under articles section on our homepage at cheekychumsonline


Sweet and cosy Snuggies socks for the tiniest of preemie babies from 1lb in weight. How cute is that plus all the nice accessories such as frilly socks,scratch mittens headbands and bibs.


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