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baby died in car premature baby death

baby died in car

baby died in car 

baby died in the car how is that possible ? a baby can die in a car for many reasons. here is an example. car seat not fitted correctly. Coupled with using a second hand car seat. If a car seat has already been involved in  a traffic accident it has already taken its toll and there for should never be sold to be reused again. Not even given away to a family member you wouldn't risk it would you .

baby died in a car due to overheating.

a baby died in a car not because of a head on smash but due to being left in a car in the hot heat. leaving a baby in a car even for a few minutes is dangerous. for many reasons. child abandonment. Child neglect. leaving a baby in extreme heat therefore the baby dies due to heat stroke. You would be surprised how many babies are left in hot cars whilst a parents just nips inside a shop.

Another thing to think about is don't put a thick blanket over a pram.In short when you are out and about you may to shield the pram from the suns rays but thick blankets are proven to increase the temperature inside the pram. over heating kills babies you see.

premature baby deaths

premature baby died in car deaths

when are premature baby deaths likely. the earlier the delivery of a premature baby the risk factors increase for a death. this can be caused by infections on top of prematurity . there is  a condition called NEC. Introduction of milk to a premature baby too early causes necrosis in the bowel. babies can have an operation to take away the damaged bowel. but any infections on top can put too much pressure on a tiny baby's body that it simply cant handle it.  MRSA infections plus a severe brain bleeds cause also cause deaths in premature babies.

During the first year low birth weight babies are vulnerable due to environmental changes. Especially in the premature baby's and newborn babies first year of life. Incidentally  you may have come across S.I.D.S. Sids is Sudden infant death syndrome. there are a few factors that are cropping up for babies that died of SIDS. heart rate breathing and temperature are involved. certain stresses need to be address to avoid a baby dying of sids. tobacco smoke, co sleeping in a bed sofa or a chair tangled in  bedding. Furthermore one which you cannot control is a sick child illness or breathing obstruction.

facts about babies dying in the first year

255 babies a year die unexpectedly during their first year of life.

boys are more at risk than girls of dying due to SIDS. since 1991 back to sleep campaign . the SIDS deaths have fallen by 79 %.

Why babies are dying in childbirth unnecessarily

2000 babies are dying in childbirth a year. Why is this happening . Is it due to not enough midwives. are babies dying at birth because there isn't enough beds available in maternity hospitals ?. mums booked in for scheduled c sections often have to wait around all day because an emergency comes though. yes an emergency cannot be helped . What about if the local hospital gets closed due to no beds the stretch of resources is  full to capacity at times. the Nhs in the uk isn't like it was years ago. It just shows when after 4 hours in A and E and no patient has moved or been seen. its full capacity in more areas than just a maternity unit. Things have to change.


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