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pregnancy 30 week premature baby born at 30 weeks gestation

pregnancy 30 weeks Born early premature baby born at 30 weeks

reached pregnancy 30 weeks gestation ? what happens if your baby is born premature at 30 weeks?
pregnancy 30 weeks premature baby born

A Premature baby born at 30 weeks will be staying in hospital.

A question often asked by mums when they go into premature labour is "how long will my baby be in the hospital for". For a premature baby born at 30 weeks you can say approximately 10 weeks.

in pregnancy newborn babies are usually born at 40-42 weeks gestation at the latest. So a premature baby will need to mature to full term before they can go home. there are other factors to consider you see such as any health issues. Before being allowed home a baby must be able to regulate their own body temperature and be able to feed with a bottle or breast..

pregnancy when you deliver your baby at 30 weeks feeding

You may also be wondering if your premature baby can have a bottle born premature at 30 weeks ? At 30 weeks gestation a baby hasn't matured enough to develop swallowing and sucking reflexes. This happens around 34-36 weeks.
In the meantime in order for your baby to have nourishment its through a tube called tube feeding. as part of the care your baby has in hospital. You can help the nurses by filling up baby's milk in the syringe. This goes into the tube. usually through the nose. But it can also be located in the mouth direct too.
 It will help you be part of their care needs when you feel helpless watching them in an incubator. reading to your tiny baby will help them come on in leaps and bounds. Developing a strong bond with them as well as reassuring them that you are close by.

What can your baby wear in hospital ?

Once they can wear layers your baby will be spoilt for choices. vests baby grow cardigan. You'll only need a snowsuit once they can go home in the colder seasons. we also recommend a car seat jacket for trips out and about in the car. they wont get overheated then. Use thin layers for your baby to go out in instead of one thick sleepsuit and a coat. You may worry they will get too cold. But you can always take layer off if you seem them getting way too hot.premature babies born less than 37 weeks

premature baby born 37 weeks
Babies can be born premature less than 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Babies in SCBU can not go home just yet. depending on the reason. if they were born premature you can estimate they will be in hospital up to their due date. So for babies born at 34 weeks gestation they will have a stay of approximately 6 weeks. In brief Babies in SCBU may not be able to feed just yet with a bottle so they can be tube fed until the sucking and swallowing reflex develops.
Furthermore You will be ever so excited once the nurse says dress them in a full outfit in their cot. It means its one step closer to going home. Plus you get to be more InControl as a parent in choosing what clothes your baby will wear. You can dress your baby yourself in hospital.If your baby arrived as an emergency and you didn't have anything small enough with you .the hospital will put them in whats' called nursery clothes. Hospital borrowed ones.
 parenting in hospital for your premature baby
A little tip get two laundry bags one for hospital one to leave at home. tell the nurse if they are using their own clothes. then they will put them in the laundry bag at the side of baby's cot and you can take them home at the end of the day to wash. Then you leave the other one there and switch them every time you come in. Another way you can be a mum or dad figure until they are allowed home.
staying in SCBU
Can you visit babies in SCBU? yes immediate family can but there as to be one of the parents with baby there to let you in . You cannot go up to SCBU and just say ive come to visit my grandchild. Its mainly to prevent infection control. In SCBU there are hand wash stations everywhere. Plus disposable aprons to use. the last thing you'll want as a parent is staying in longer just because baby has an infection .An important tip to remember anyone with upset stomach coughs and cold is a no no stay away.
Mum discharged what happens next baby has to stay in SCBU
Once mum has been discharged it means she can go home. A baby in SCBU wont always be discharged at the same time. Mum can come and go to the hospital. She can stay all day if she likes. As well as dad. If you do go home after visiting tell a nurse so they know to take over looking after your baby. Its a busy environment in SCBU. One baby needs feeding , then another needs changing. or observations done.
its a really helping hand knowing a mum or dad is staying all day . its takes some of the pressure off them rushing around. by the way the more you do for baby the more you will get to know their routines habits crying sound. you'll end up recognising their own cry straight away its so cute.

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