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premature babies born too soon information

premature babies a baby born too soon information

premature babies born early

why are premature babies born too soon ?

In the first place there are many reasons that a mum can go into premature labour. if she gives birth to a baby less than 37 weeks gestation then its known as a premature baby. here are just a few of the common causes of a premature birth.
premature rupture of the membranes

  • preeclampsia
    incompetent cervix
    multiple pregnancy
    problems with the placenta

do premature babies stay in hospital for a long time?

during the last few weeks of pregnancy the baby in the womb gains more weight and inner organs mature ready for delivery. the earlier the baby is born at. The level of prematurity is impacted. depending on how early babies are born at the longer the stay.Its due to the the inner organs being immature.
for instance if a premature baby was born at only 25 weeks gestation of pregnancy you can recon on a stay in hospital around the expected due date so that would be approx 15 weeks stay in hospital.

Premature babies are also prone to infections easier so that can also have a bearing on the length of stay too. preterm Babies stay in a NICH HDU OR SCBU unit until well enough to go home.

premature babies what do they weigh?

premature babies weight can vary depending on how early they were born at.For example if baby stopped growing due to a problem with a placenta then that too can have an impact of the birth weight. ITS because baby gets the food nutrients through the placenta. with a placenta problem baby may not have been growing in the womb normally. so may be even smaller than another baby that was born at the same particular a 24 week baby will weigh around 1lb or just over.less than a bag of sugar in kilograms that’s around 500 grams.

premature babies baby birth weight worrying mum
premature babies weight can be worrying for a new mum especially if baby was born around 23-25 weeks at 1lb or just over or in kilograms at 700 grams.
premature babies wont weigh a lot especially if delivered during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.Its because the last few weeks of pregnancy this is the time baby lays down fat and starts to gain approx an ounce a day during the remaining few weeks of the  third trimester.The second trimester is about growing in length and organ maturity.
What can happen in pregnancy is the placenta shows a problem and if baby isn’t growing very well or has stopped growing altogether, then sometimes baby is better being delivered early thus born premature. The weight of one premature baby can vary from another as the placenta failed to work as efficiently as it would normally do.
can a twin premature birth result in one baby being born weighing more than the other ?
yes one baby born premature can weigh 2lb and the other baby 3lb as both will be fighting for nutrients in the womb and the space will be reduced due to two babies occupying the womb and only one placenta to work for both babies.
If a premature baby leaves the hospital and weighing baby shows  reduced weight gain at regular weigh ins the neonatal team may prescribe a change in milk formula higher in calories so babies growth can be monitored better.

premature birth information please?

There is a minefield of information about premature babies on the net.The trouble is you often find statistcs which are not much to go on if you want real relevant information that will help you understand more what’s happening to your baby if its born premature.

here you can click on all the most important links ready at your finger tips that get down to the real nitty gritty information. Click on any link on the right to find as much information as you want at the click of a button most topics premature baby related are covered .
Sometimes a premature birth once underway cannot always be stopped so baby will be born early, you can look at the role of the neonatal premature baby care unit or how poorly premature babies are too.

What is A Premature birth?
when you go into labour early and your baby is born before 37 weeks gestation then your baby will have been born premature or preterm.
I had a preterm birth can you have more than one baby born premature?
yes a woman of one premature baby has about a 15% chance of having another premature birth.; a mum who has had two preterm babies has about a 40% chance of having another, and a mom who has had three preemies has almost a 70% chance of having another premature birth.


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