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low birth weights of premature babies

low birth weights in babies

what is the low birth weights in premature babies.

What Baby has a low birth weight the average newborn baby at birth weighs 7 and a half lb. Premature babies Are born at less than 37 weeks gestation. The earlier the baby is born at the birth weight will be less, for instance a baby born premature at 24 weeks gestational age my only way 1.2lb in weight this is a very low birth weight. babies growing in the womb only lay down fat deposits during the last few weeks of pregnancy. babies are weighed in kilograms but the old way is still popular for some nurses and families to remember the weights in 1lbs and ounces.

Some babies are born weighing less than 7 and a half pounds at full term. babies can also be born of a low birth weight not due to prematurity but what is called small for dates.

one reason for a small for dates baby (small baby ) that sometimes happens is due to Mum smoking for instance if you think about it the oxygen that baby gets will not be as nourishing due to the smoke inhalation of Mum who chooses to smoke.

So what are the reasons of a low birth weight in babies

prematurity is one reason why the pregnancy has not gone a full 40 weeks gestation mum may have gone into premature labour at 27 weeks or even earlier resulting in a premature birth, the earlier that baby is delivered at the chances are the birth weight will be lowered too.

another reason for low birth weight in babies is fetal growth restriction

this may be for a number of reasons for instance both parents may be small the placenta may not be working efficiently, the Mother may also have had pre-eclampsia which can also affect the low birth weight of a baby. A baby that are suffering from a birth defect may also not grow effectively in the womb thus reflecting a low birth weight .

if a pregnant mum has a chronic health condition this to can also have effect on the birth weight of a baby including diabetes heart lung or kidney problems.

if there is an infection in the womb could have an effect on baby's weight at birth if mum doesn't gain weight in pregnancy this could have an effect on the low birth weight of her own baby so smoking drinking alcohol substance abuse I'm also abusing prescription drugs can have effect on the birth weight of baby growing in the womb and will increase the risk for premature birth if I'm mum is younger than 17 the chances are she can have a low birth weight baby.

the low birth weight of premature babies

Are babies of a low birth weight at risk for any health condition?

the answer is yes low birth weight babies may have respiratory distress syndrome a common breathing problems for babies born before 30 weeks gestation of pregnancy bleeding of the brain can also occur in Low birth weight babies which is a condition that affects the intestines sometimes it is treated with surgery and antibiotics.

treatments for a low birth weight baby

 Treatment for baby of a low birth weight varies depending on the country the baby has been born in. Kangaroo care works best for babies weighing less than 2 kilograms in low and middle income countries mums as supported and encouraged to frequently breastfeed their baby in addition to skin to skin contact depending on the weight of the baby and the gestational age can determine if a very low birth weight baby can tolerate milk yet necrosis can set in if milk is added too early for these very tiny babies.

Who is an organisation that strongly advocates For skilled care for preterm babies.Who is working to reduce the health problems are premature babies including updating guidelines for feeding babies with low birth weight.

Do quad babies have a low birth weight when they are born ?

 If a pregnant mum is carrying multiple babies especially quads or more the chances of having babies born of a low birth weight increases the babies take up a lot of room whilst growing in the womb it puts a strain on Mum's heart and on the placenta supplying the nutrients to the babies. babies of a multiple birth have a higher risk of being born preterm.

Twin babies have a better chance of going to full term in pregnancy and can be born of a good birth weight compared to a large multiple pregnancy with 3 or more babies in the womb.

Definitions of low birth weight infants


Low birth weight babies  2500g very low birth weight babies have a birth weight of 1500g and extremely low birth weight babies have a birth weight of 1000 grams.

do you feed loads of milk to babies weighing 1000grams in their bottle?

 If a premature baby weighs 1000 grams it will not be having a bottle at that stage due to the fact it could put a strain on its intestines that in turn could turn to nec nec is necrosis of the intestines it could result in surgery and part of the bowel being removed. it is a very risky operation so baby may start to have tube in to the stomach by a syringe fed baby milk. to ease the stress and the strain on the is not at risk as much as baby gets bigger and leaves hospital it is the family's responsibility to make sure baby has a healthy diet once they are weaned and to go to all health visitor appointments to check baby's health and development.

if I need to dress a 2lb baby in weight what premature baby clothes sizes do I buy?

premature baby clothes sizes vary from country to country you may find in the usa they use the term preemie or premmie .in the Uk you can find clothes that say prem on the label or premature baby. for a 2lb baby you can find all you need for the 2-3lb sizes at cheekychumsonline 

heaven and hope stock all the low birth weight sizes from 1-2lb 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb and newborn in kilograms the low birth weights are 500grams 1kg 1.3kg-1.5kg 2.0-2.5kg and 2.5-3.5kg

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