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when should you start weaning premature babies

when should you start weaning premature babies best advice

weaning premature babies

when should you start to wean a premature baby corrected age or other ?

lots of different advice on when to wean a baby in general but when it comes to a premature baby advice differs and that's because mums do what's best for their baby. a lot of mums ask advice from a dietician or health visitor and then they still go on their own instincts. so lets take a look at some examples of what parents had to say on the matter regarding their own baby that was born premature.

  • my son was born premature at 25 weeks we started to wean him at 4 months corrected age. little spoonfuls with milk as well . it fills up the tummy in between.
  • I was told 16 weeks for my premature baby he kept heaving but eventually got used we also gave him vitamins inbetween weaning, sippy cups.
  • I got told 5 months for premature babies coz their stomach isn't ready for it.
  • my premature baby had acid reflux we weaned her earlier than normal no problems.
  • try at breakfast time milks  more important so don't panic thinking he or she needs to be weaned early. 
  • introducing rice cereal didn't work for my premature baby.
  • once weaning as started You can then add hidden fats to their food. We were advised to add full fat unsalted butter, full fat double cream, full fat cheese and olive oil into anything they'd go with
    So cream into fruit purées, butter and cream into potatoes and other veg, cream in puddings and breakfast cereals - so basically a high fat diet and meat added early on.
    It worked a treat and the fats made the food way more appealing and palatable, so they were very keen on mealtimes for our premature baby twins.
  • if your premature baby is losing weight You need to speak to a Dietitian, they will be able to tell you what you need, in general you can get high calorie milk on prescription if your baby isn't ready for weaning yet
  • Bliss the premature baby charity in the uk say between 5-8 months for premature babies weaning.

Can you wait until a premature baby is 1 year old before starting to wean them?

in general no you need to give babies even premature ones the chance to develop new tastes in food, for muscle development using the tongue to taste lick, swallow, lip movements and jaw movements, which in turn will help for talking.

Does a premature baby need to have teeth before it starts eating solids ?

No baby learn to lick solids first in the weaning process even premature babies learn to chew without teeth even.

Home made foods are best no salt or sugar added. stay away from processed foods for babies.

there are so much variety available for babies now to start weaning them. There are boxes you add to milk from their bottle or breast milk, smooth first jars baby foods no lumps in , pouches,the worlds your oyster when it comes to choice on the supermarket shelves.

try freezing some fresh veg when you make your own cooked meal up its simple to add it in a freezer ice cube maker then get one out, leave to defrost for baby voila instant food no messing.


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