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the scary yet wonderful world of preemie babies born premature

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the scary yet wonderful world of preemie babies born premature

premature babies often called a preemie are born earlier than expected often due to premature rupture of the membranes. If you experience having a preemie baby, and it's your first child then you are going to be faced with many emotions. First there will be your fear of if the baby will be healthy. Then there is the concern about how you with manage with such a little one.

Then there are concerns about the baby's normal development. When you compound all of these new worries along with the fact that you have just come through delivering the baby, it's no wonder your nerves may be frazzled. To start with you should know that the majority of preemie babies do very well. They are just a little slower starting, but you will be amazed at just how resilient these little ones are.


The first thing is for you and your husband to discuss with the Doctor the baby's health. You need to know if there is going to be any special care needed. Chances are you will probably not be taking the baby home with you when you leave the hospital at least for a week or two. This is hard to deal with emotionally.


When you get home though try to keep a positive attitude and concentrate on building your strength back. Look at it this way you will be much stronger in a few weeks time and will be able to divert your energy to your little one. Furthermore, be sure a few days prior to the baby coming home determine if the little one will have any special needs so you can prepare for can never be prepared for a premture birth and you mustn't blaime your self if baby does come early.

Saima Sultana

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