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keeping your baby under 2 safe top 10 tips.

Article written by Sheila Sudlow.
1. keep sharp objects such as scissors out of baby's reach.
2.Provide video locks, cupboard locks to kitchen cupboards.
3.To prevent a toddler just walking having a nasty fall on a coffee table use protective corner cushions.
4. Supervise toddlers at all times.lock away all medicines and harmfull cleaning products etc.Be extra vigilent when a toddler is chewing small pieces of fruit.
5. Do not keep poisonous plants in the garden here are some
onitum - Monkshood
Arum - Cuckoo pint.
Colchicum - The autumn crocus - Can be fatal if eaten
Convallaria - Lily of the Valley
Cytisus - the Broom - All parts can be fatal if eaten.
Daphne - Shrub grown for its beautifully scented flowers-Can be Fatal
Delphinium - All parts Highly toxic - can be fatal if eaten
Digitalis - Foxgloves are everywhere.
Laburnum - Beautiful golden rain flowers; Can be Fatal if eaten
Lantana - Now very popular in the summer border or planted tub!
Nerium - A beautiful conservatory plant
Phytolacca - The poke weed
Ricinus communis - Castor Oil Plant. Not to be confused with Fatsia.
Taxus - A hedge favourite.
Veratrum - The false Hellebore.
6.Toddlers do not have a sense of danger supervise children near roads and parks especially near ice cream vans. Use toddler reigns or a wrist strap when possible on trips out and about.
7.keep older children's small toys away from toddlers, the golden rule is anything the size of a 2p or smaller is dangerous and a child can choke .
8.Use anti slip mats under rugs to prevent slips on rugs where laminate flooring is used.
9.Try to learn some first aid for young babies and children, you never know when it may come in handy especially for chocking instances.
10.Never have a pond where small children are, If visiting anyone who has, do not leave your children out of your sight. Never leave a paddling pool unattended.Do not be tempted in leaving the older children to watch your baby in a swimming /paddling pool.Empty paddling pools and store safely after use. Do not leave them in the garden hanging around upside down. The wind can blow them over and fill with rain water.A child can drown in only and inch of water.try to store them in a garage or shed.
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