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Babies birth marks are they anything to worry about

Babies birth marks are they anything to worry about ?

has your baby been born with a birthmark ?

lets look at the different birthmarks in babies. These are neither painful or harmful, although about one in a hundred will require medical treatment.

Types Of Birthmark
Strawberry Naevi Marks - these often appear at age 2 or 3 weeks, are red in colour and may feel lumpy. They often grow in size for 6-9 months.

Stork Bites - also called 'salmon patch', a pinkish colour, lie flat on the skin and don't grow. Stork Bites usually disappear in the first two years.

Port Wine Stains - as the name suggests, these marks are a reddy-purple in colour and they can cover quite a large area.

Stork Bites require no treatment. Strawberry marks are usually treated with steroid cream or in extreme cases by laser. The only treatment for Port Wine marks is by laser.

Early treatment is more successful. Laser treatment is best started by the age of two and can take up to six treatments spread over three years. failing that you may considering leaving birthmarks highly visible until your child is a lot older to see if they want them removing themselves when possible.

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