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Keeping Your Baby under 1 safe, top 10 tips

These safety tips are only as a guide, adult supervision is needed at all times with children.
Article written by Sheila Sudlow.
1. Never leave a baby unattended on a couch.Baby can fall off causing head injurys
2.Do not put your baby in a bouncy chair on a high worktop such as in the kitchen.
3.Protect all Electric plug holes with socket protectors before Baby even starts to crawl before you forget.
4. Cover all fires with a fireguard.
5. Use safety gates as baby becomes mobile where there could be a danger ie into the kitchen, top and bottom of the stairs.
6.Use a cooker guard to prevent pan scalds.
7.Remove hot cups of tea etc out of the reach of babies.
8.never leave your baby alone outside a shop in the pram.
9.Only trust family members or experienced babysitters who can also provide references for baby sitting duties.
10.Never leave your child alone no matter how small whilst you nip to the shop or pub for a break.
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